Add Students

In this article, learn how to:

  1. Add Students Manually
  2. Import Students

If students are not created using a Student Import file or in a Roster Sync, a Gradient System Admin can manually add students to the school/district subscription.

TIP: Before adding a student, it is a good idea to first search (with filters adjusted for all terms), for the student ID or name to verify that students don’t already exist within Gradient.

Manually adding students will not associate any of the students with classes assigned to the staff. Any related demographic information for the students will need to be added as Custom Fields before starting the import process.

Add Students Manually

From Admin Mode, select the Students tab. If the student(s) you want to add do not appear in the search, select the New button, and choose Create New Student from the drop-down menu.

New Students

Complete the required information, then select Save.

Student ID must be unique and can not be recycled as students leave or are removed. Most schools use the ID from their Student Information System or the system used for taking attendance. Contact for guidance around duplicate students.

Note: The GradeCam ID and email fields are not required. The GradeCam ID is used for input on forms for paper scanning. The student email only displays in Admin Mode and not for teachers.

Import Students

The Student Import will allow the admin(s) to add students' first name, last name, Student ID and GradeCam ID in the Student Tab without having to create a full import file. This is a quick way to add a group of students to the account. The Student Import will not associate any of the students to classes assigned to the staff.

  • Student First Name - List student's first name
  • Student Last Name - List student's last name
  • Student ID - Unique ID for each student (Note: This ID should match the one used in the school's SIS and can not be recycled from previous students)  
  • GradeCam ID - (optional) Can be mapped to Student ID, used for printing forms for scanning.
If adding demographic fields to the Combined Import, such as Gender, Disability, etc, the Gradient Admin must first add the Custom Fields before starting the Combined Import process.

Note: Adding students via a roster sync or from Admin Mode for staff is only available to Gradient leaders that are part of a Gradient for Schools & Districts subscription. Please contact to upgrade your subscription for this feature.