Add Classes

In this article, learn how to:

  1. Add a Class Manually
  2. Import Classes

Classes are connected to a unique ID, an academic year, one term, one school, and one teacher. If the Gradient System Admin does not upload classes and students with a Combined Import or a Roster Sync, classes can be added manually to the account.

TIP: Before creating a new class, it’s always a good idea to first search the class name from the Classes tab (with term filters set to all) to see if the class already exists or to look for the naming convention used. Classes can be created manually for impromptu student groupings (like a practice SAT group, an after-school program, or an intervention group) and assigned to a staff member using existing students.

Add a Class Manually

From Admin Mode, select the Classes tab. If the student(s) you want to add do not appear in the search, choose the New button, then select Create New Class from the drop-down menu.

New Class

Complete the information below and then select Save to exit the set up window.

  • Name - Create a class name.
  • Period - The class period will help the teacher choose the correct class for creating forms and transferring grades.
  • Unique ID - A class ID is optional but can be helpful to identify a specific class especially when class names are similar.
  • School - If there is more than one school in the school/district account, the class will need to be associated to the appropriate school from the drop down menu. This allows data to be collected and viewed in the correct school reports in School Reporting mode.
  • Term - Choosing a term from the drop down menu will determine how the class is viewed during the current term.
  • Teacher - Type the teacher's name in the Search field to associate the class

Import Classes

To import multiple classes without school, teacher, or student associations, create an import file with column headers and data to match the fields described above. Or use the more comprehensive class import method described for the Combined Import file.

NOTE: Adding classes via a roster sync or from Admin Mode is only available to Gradient leaders that are part of a Gradient for Schools & Districts subscription. Please contact to upgrade your subscription for this feature.