Settings from Admin Mode

Gradient System Admin and leaders with Access Group permissions can manage the district global settings by creating performance bands, setting the academic year, and determining the length of term padding.

  1. Log in to Gradient Enter Admin Mode.
  2. Select Settings from the Admin Account menu.

Performance Bands:
Performance bands are used to categorize a student’s performance on a test. Each band is a range of achievements. Bands are labeled to indicate what the score means for the student’s proficiency. Customizable performance bands can be used to group student achievement into teacher-determined ranges for quick analysis and actionable feedback! Read More…

Performance bands are the teacher’s tool for quick and accurate student data analysis. Read More…

Customized performance bands in Reports Read More…

View how to Create District Performance Bands.

Academic Year:
Classes and terms need to be unique from year to year. To prevent the reuse of classes and terms from year to year, roster imports are suspended when the academic year ends. Once the admin adjusts the end date of the academic year for the new school year, the new rosters will be updated in the school/district account.

Term Padding:
Values set for term padding will determine how many days terms are considered part of the “current term” before they start and after they end.

Teacher Permissions:
This set of permissions will be sunsetted in the 22-23 school year and revised to be included within Access Groups. Previously, these permissions allowed the System Admin to over-ride district managed rostering by allowing all teachers in the district to manage all classes and students. By default, these permissions are turned off to prevent duplicates from being created and errors to occur.

NOTE: Admin Mode and the option to manage the Settings mentioned above are only available to Gradient leaders that are part of a Gradient for Schools & Districts subscription. Please contact to upgrade your subscription for this feature.