Access School Reporting Mode

Access School Reporting Mode to analyze assignment performance for the school or district you are associated to without worrying about assignment sharing settings. This feature is available to staff with membership to an access group called Instructional Leaders.

Note: School Reporting Mode is available to staff with access to a school subscription. Please contact to learn more about how to upgrade.

Access School Reporting Mode

After logging in to your Gradient account, from the Account Menu in the upper right corner, select School Reporting Mode

Navigating Reports

All assignments for your associated schools will be accessible in a list view by default. Assignments can be found by:

  • sorting using the (1) column headers
  • searching (2) using the assignment name
  • Select a specific assignment to review the data for that assignment. Use left sidebar navigation to access different report options. (1) Select the report category to open (2) assignment viewing options

    After selecting a report, such as Class by Question report, use the Configure icon from the toolbar to change the way the report displays data. Note: Different configure options are available for different reports.

    Using Performance Bands

    Custom performance bands can be created with custom cut scores, coloring, and labels. Performance bands can be used to change the way student scores have been categorized into formative cutpoints, grading scales, or rubric-based performance bands.

    To choose a different performance band, select the band from the options available above the report, under the report title.

    While viewing a report, such as the Teacher by Standard report, use the Configure button to display the report data to show the Percent with the Performance Band or the Performance Band Abbreviation.

    Drill-In to Focus Your Analysis

    When reviewing data, leaders may wish to drill-in or filter out a specific set of data (multiple classes, multiple teachers, or multiple students).

    While reviewing the data reports for a specific assignment, such as the Teacher By Question report, select the name of a specific teacher. This will filter the data to only display the student response data connected to the selected teacher. Navigating to additional reports, will only show the data for the select filter.

    Continue to drill-in further by selecting another filter option. To remove a specific filters, click the X next to the filters shown above the report.

    If custom fields were used when importing or syncing rosters, these can be used for filters or drill-in options.

    Compare Multiple Assessments

    Selecting multiple assessments, then drilling into the data allows you to view learning data in comparison, such as pre- and post-assessments for a unit, or looking at the mastery of standards across multiple assignments.

    From the Assignment Overview list, check the box next to two or more assignments. Then select Drill-In from the toolbar.

    Now the data is filtered to only view the data for the selected assignments. Navigate to reports for additional information, such as using the Standards by Assignment (if standards were linked questions in the assignment) to review growth for the standards on the assignment.

    Use the Assignment Longitudinal report to review learner growth over multiple assignments.

    Export Reports

    Any report can be exported (CSV or Excel) to be used outside of Gradient or to be imported into another program.

    Excel downloads will display better for presenting to instructional teams with helpful formatting and coloring based on the chosen performance band. CSV files are best for importing into other programs.

    Note: Use the Configure button to adjust options for downloaded reports.

    Best Practices

  • Encourage the teachers or staff in charge of assessment creation to use a naming convention when titling the assignment, this helps with searching for common assessments or unit tests within School Reporting Mode.
  • If using standards and wishing to track the same standards across multiple assignments, use the standard code within the assignment title to help with searching for and selecting multiple assignments.
  • If an assignment is not visible as expected within School Reporting Mode, check with the assignment author to ensure the assignment has not been marked Private in the assignment details window.
  • Use the Data Conversations Guides to support collaborative conversations while reviewing data reports.