Academic Year

Classes and terms need to be unique from year to year. To prevent the reuse of classes and terms from year to year, roster imports are suspended when the academic year ends. Once the admin adjusts the end date of the academic year for the new school year, the new rosters will be updated in the school/district account.

01. Set Academic Year

1.1 Select the "Academic Year" option from Account Settings.

1.2 Read the message before adjusting the end date so you understand the impact to roster syncing.

1.3 Click on "Adjust End Date" to edit the date for the academic year.

1.4 Enter an update end date for the current academic year showing. Review date entered and then click "Save" to close the edit window. The "Name" can not be changed.

1.5 To exit the academic year edit window, click on the "X" in the upper right corner or choose another option in the Settings list.