Academic Year

Terms, classes and students are connected to an Academic Year. Class lists, students lists, and assignment data are displayed in Gradient based on how they are connected to Current terms, classes, and students. To prevent old synced rosters from importing into a new year, roster imports are suspended when the academic year ends. A Gradient System Admin needs to Start the new school year once rosters are ready to be synced or imported.

Start New Year

We recommend starting the new year when:

  1. The roster sync method for the previous academic year has been paused on your end or you are ready to re-start your roster sync for the new academic year
  2. You import rosters from a file and want to check this task off your list to be ready for the upcoming academic year

From Admin Mode, go to the Account Menu and choose Settings.

  • Select Start New Year to enter a name for your new academic year.
  • You will be asked for the start and end dates. Keep in mind that staff will be able to access terms, classes, and students for assignment delivery and grading based on the dates you set.
  • We recommend naming the academic year uniquely and also using the academic year abbreviation in your term names to ease the use of filtering data throughout Gradient.

    Adjust Current Academic Year

    Once the Academic Year has started, you can Adjust End Date to account for
    giving staff extended time to scan assignments, grade, or use Gradient for a summer school term.

    From Admin Mode, go to the Account Menu and choose Settings. Select Academic Year.

  • Read the message to understand the impact to roster syncing.
  • Click on Adjust End Date.
  • Update the end date for the current academic year showing. Select Save
  • To exit the academic year edit window, click on the X in the upper right corner or choose another option in the Settings list.