Adding online access with Timers

Set a time limit for an assignment using the Restrictions setting in Student Portal setting while adding online access in Student Portal.

Assignment adding online access with TIMERS

Publish assignments to the student portal for students to access.
Note: Assignments added the the student portal before timers will need settings changed to add timers.

Select Assignment

From the Toolbar, select ‘Student Portal’

Add classes for online access. 'Turn In Assignment' options add time open and close window, then select 'SHOW SETTINGS'.

Select the 'RESTRICTIONS' tab. Add the time limit for students to complete the assignment in the portal.
Note: If needed, change the ‘Review’, ‘Attachments’ and 'Tools' settings.

In ‘Review Assignment’ options adjust student review options.

Select "SAVE"

Published to the ‘Student Portal’ window will display the assignment and classes that have been added.
More information about the Student Portal window section 04. Student Portal window Create Online Access

Select "DONE".