Assignment Attachments

Gradient attachments allow you to keep assessments and answer form pairings together and for online student use if needed. Even if you choose to modify your answer keys from year to year, you’ll already have a head start. Attachments can be used for:

  • Allowing assignment authors to add PDF attachments for student viewing during an online assignment given in the student portal, with Google Classroom, with Canvas, or with Schoology (see video above).
  • Sharing resources for the original assignment: standard alignments for the key, a rubric, or a testing protocol to assist colleagues in using the assignment.
  • Add an Attachment

    From within an Assignment, select the Attachments icon.

  • Select the Upload button and browse your computer to find a file you want to attach.
  • Remember to check the box for any resources you want students to be able to view during online access.
  • Select the Save button
  • Manage Attachments

    OPTION 1: From within an Assignment, select the Attachments icon showing the number of attachments available.

    View Attachments

    OPTION 2: From within an Assignment, select the drop-down menu next to the assignment name and choose Manage Attachments.

    Manage Attachments

    MANAGE ATTACHMENTS by uploading, downloading or deleting an attachment.

  • In order for an attachment to display during an online assignment, the resource must be a PDF and the check box for Show in Student Portal must be marked.

    Manage Attachments Window

  • Select the Save button if any changes were made.
  • Next Steps

    Learn more about how students access or are restricted access to online resources either during the TURN IN window or after the REVIEW by reading more about:

  • Student Portal

  • Creating Online Access

  • Student Portal Training Guides for Teachers and Students