Add Standards to Questions

Adding standards to a question on your key allows for more fine-tuned data analysis at the skill level and changes the conversation with students from “What did I get?” to “Which skills do I need to improve?”

Gradient provides standard banks from national and state sources to link to questions and allows users to create their own personal standards.

Gradient System Admin can also upload customized standards for the account for teachers to access.

Edit Questions

  • From the Keys tab, select the question to open the question editor window (or check the box next to the question to Edit via the toolbar).
  • At the bottom of the Question Editor window choose Add Standard
  • Add Standard

    Link Standards

    1. By default you will land on the Search tab to filter through the standard banks available. Start by selecting the Source for your standards.
    2. Next use Subject and Grade (if applicable).
    3. Narrow your results further by using one or two Keyword(s)
    4. Use the check box to the left of the standard(s) to link to this question.

    Search Standards

    When you are finished checking off standards for a question, use the Back button within the Question Editor to return to the question.

    The linked standard(s) will be listed in the Standards section. Use the - sign to remove a linked standard. Move to another question with the Previous and Next buttons or Save and X out of the window.

    Linked Standards

    Tips with Standards

  • A standard can be marked as a Favorite by selecting the heart icon and saved for your next question or assignment under the Favorites tab within this Question Editor.
  • To expand your view as you scroll, drag the left corner of the Question Editor window to expand it or toggle the Expand Descriptions off. Hover over standards to see a full description if needed.
  • If you don't see the standards you're looking for, try removing keywords, grade level, or changing the subject area.