Add Standards to Questions


Adding standards to a question allows options to view and analyze assignment data in reports. GradeCam has National, State and Personal Standards.

Access Edit Questions

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name for which you want to add standards alignment.

Select the "Keys" tab.

Check the box before each question you want to align to a standard(s).

Select the "Edit" button to open the item editor.

Add Standards to Questions

1.School/District GradeCam Gradient licenses have access to current National and State Standards.
2.Individual Teacher GradeCam Gradient licenses can unlock the National and State Standards using a referral for an Admin. More information on how to unlock the state and national standards Standards Settings.
Personal Standards feature can be set up for use in the Standards Settings link above, section 2.

Select the "Add Standard" link to align standards to the question.

Note: You can also use the "Standards" button in the toolbar which appears when the question item is checked.

State and National Standards
1. Select 'Search' criteria can be selected to narrow results to locate the State or National Standard.(1)
2. Favorites can be used to quickly access standards that are used often. (1)
3. Select “Source” to locate Personal Standards. (2)
4. A standard can be marked as a “Favorite” by selecting the heart icon.(3)

Hide/Show Filters

Personal Standards.
1. Select “Settings”
2. Select “Standards”
3. Select “Add Standard”. Fill in the information and “Save”

Select the "Back" button.

The Standard(s) will be listed in the Standards section. Use the "Remove" link if the alignment is no longer needed.

Move to another question with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons or "Save" and "X" out of the window.